Asset Management Solutions

A fully connected world requires a modern and agile operation. How to ensure that your operation meets the challenges of operational efficiency, security and digital transformation?

Connectivity and innovation are the two concepts that have come together to create the set of OKTO solutions, developed by Atech that integrates technology, decades of strategic and operational knowledge, giving rise to a unique Asset Management and Logistics platform.

Set of OKTO Solutions

The set of OKTO solutions serves companies from diverse industries with a dynamic solution, capable of operating globally, managing assets efficiently and reliably, reducing process cycles and providing traceability to logistics operations. Know the solutions

Asset Condition Monitoring, which allows decision making during production and maintenance; the elimination of unnecessary preventive maintenance, and the quick identification of issues that may affect operational and environmental safety.

Planning and Scheduling of the Maintenance, which provides an up-to-date system of resources, as well as critical activity execution management, staffing workload balancing, integrating and optimizing planned missions and last-minute schedules.

Maintenance Execution Management, which provides friendly dashboards for managing assets; consultation of part stock, monitoring of maintenance calls, allocation of maintenance costs, call forwarding to field staff.

Management of the Asset Strategy, with the checking of asset reliability degree; identification of the equipment that is generating more breaks, as well as of the assets that are impacting the productive performance, and aid in the construction of the risk management.

See how OKTO can contribute to its Asset Management:

In Strategic Management:

  1. Ensure adequate availability of your industrial assets, reducing maintenance costs and equipment downtime;
  2. Check the reliability of the assets for the desired production time;
  3. Know which equipment has a high number of breaks and which are with high cost;
  4. Find out what assets and activities are impacting the productive performance (OEE – Overall EquipmentEffectiveness);

In Planning and in the Service Scheduling:

  1. Make your processes of programming and reprogramming services more agile and flexible;
  2. Reduce maintenance and remediation costs and the impact of failures and downtime;
  3. Keep data from all work orders and resource scheduling updated;
  4. Manage the application of the resources and execution of activities, maintaining contact with the field team and making possible the accomplishment of the missions, even with unforeseen events;
  5. Level the workload moments before sending technicians to the field, enabling the accomplishment of the missions, even with last-minute unforeseen;
  6. Optimize spare parts, keeping inventory adequate to its operation and quantity of installed assets;

In Condition Monitoring:

  1. Make strategic decisions during production and maintenance;
  2. Remove unnecessary preventive maintenance;
  3. Identify issues that can affect operational and environmental safety;
  4. Ensure the physical integrity of dams by means of measurements, analyzes and technical compliance reports;
  5. Meet the requirements of environmental legislation and maintain sustainable operations, assessing socio-environmental impacts from changes of occupation in the areas of its enterprises.

In Execution Management:

  1. Reduce costs and improve planning with management indicators on user-friendly dashboards
  2. Manage and control marked improvement tags for assets
  3. Monitor closely the maintenance calls and control of spare parts

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