Smart Connections

More and more sensors, equipment, meters, machines and cameras facilitate the monitoring and control of processes in industry, mining, transportation systems, generation and distribution of energy, water and gas and agricultural machinery. That is, we are increasingly surrounded by electronic devices and these are increasingly connected, whether through wired, wireless, cellular networks, satellite, fiber or radio.

But all of these devices, whether connected or not, lead to an avalanche of information that in most cases does not deliver the expected results and ultimately frustrates the expectations of users and decision makers. In other cases, the availability of the network is not sufficient to meet the operational requirements of the application, and when it can meet, the solution has a high cost, discouraging investments in a connectivity network.

Get to know our solutions for Internet of Things and Industry 4.0:

Researches point to Mesh networks as one of the main trends in the modernization of the power network. In Brazil, the adoption of the technology helps solve a well-known problem of distributors operating in the country, which includes difficulty in correct measurement, distribution automation, and more agile identification of network failures.

Mesh networks configure a comprehensive and flexible connectivity solution, promoting access to locations without any communication network infrastructure, however remote or incipient, or taking advantage of a network infrastructure already available by the company, reducing investments and accelerating the solution deployment.

The MESH Network solution from Atech has:

• Remote configuration and management;
• Real-time diagnostics;
• Presentation of alarms and events for quick identification of network failures;
• Monitoring the health of any network structure;
• Self-recovery of the network in the event of loss of equipment.

Measurement automation system

The Measurement Automation System developed by Atech provides greater agility in the analysis and management of the information generated by the remote meter reading systems registered by the electric power meters.

For the management of energy resources, it is necessary to transform data from the most diverse sources into integrated information, capable of providing a complete and comprehensive picture of a situation. By gathering and improving this information, decision making becomes more agile and coherent, reducing costs and creating better conditions for the company operational management.

Atech may assist concessionaires to:

• Monitor closely the consumption and demand of its customers;
• Improve the quality of the electric power supplied;
• Reduce waste;
• Intelligently diagnose faults;
• View the evolution of the energy consumer market;
• Detect potential frauds in the system;
• Generate reports and performance indicators quickly and easily.

These are some of the features of our system:

Supervision of Substation Load

This terminal displays the power measurements of all remotely monitored distribution substations. The analyst has terminal access where it is possible to consult the curves of all available quantities for any period and measurement point of the substations, as well as to visualize a statistical table with information of energy demand level analyzes, aiding in the identification of overload in the substations.

Monitoring High and Medium Clients

It provides a view of the consumption profile and provides simulations about a customer’s data. This terminal has services that will be available to the final consumer for monitoring of consumption and demand, simulations of contract change, inclusion of loads and capacitors, among others.

Detection of Defects and Irregularities

In the terminal of irregularities, we can create rules for detection of potential frauds. It is possible to identify consumption steps, variation around an expected value, consistency analysis, among others. The system periodically performs a mining in the database looking for conditions that satisfy the previously defined rules and then makes the data available for analysis. The analysis terminals allow the access to this data in an organized way, or by client, or by rule, until a potential irregularity is verified. Eight irregularity analysis tools are available to the analyst:

• Analysis Monitor of Phases;
• Daily consumption monitor;
• Monthly consumption monitor;
• Demand monitor;
• Daily demand monitor;
• Variation monitor in relation to the average;
• Consistency reports;
• Reports of power failure.

Customizing Reports

Allows the user to create specific reports based on rules defined for the database search, such as column configuration, which should appear in each row of the report, options to include customer register data, consumer totalizers, and energy demand, mass memory of meters, among others.

Embedded Software

Atech employs the best practices in the embedded software development following its methodology of Systems Engineering, with strict observation to regulations and standards as well as the compliance with the established standards of quality and documentation. In addition, Atech is certified to AS-9100 and proven adherence to standards such as CNEN1.16, which establish quality standards in project management in the aeronautics and nuclear industry, and “DO-178”, which establishes a security guide for the embedded software development.

Atech has 20 years of experience in embedded software development, accumulating technologies under development for real-time operating systems and coding in low-level languages.

Systems integration

System Integration has been in Atech’s DNA since its origin with participation in the SIVAM – Amazon Surveillance System project, with a decisive role since the technological absorption of the equipment and systems provided by companies from abroad, implementation of the interfaces with the legacy systems of the various agencies involved, construction and operation of control rooms of various centers, and development of terminals and consoles for operators and analysts of the most different areas that can make decisions based on the information obtained by the system.

Likewise, Atech will help your company to:

Get Diagnostics

• Analysis of the current situation:
– Identification of all sources of information;
– Analysis of data reliability and possibility of fusion and correlation;
– Identification of gaps for completeness.
• Establish effective governance of information (those responsible for obtaining, analyzing, reviewing and disseminating data);
• Identify the boundaries and overlaps between Systems and remove possible redundancies.

Design the Integration

• Identify the information to be exchanged, the possible means of obtaining it and the available interfaces;
• Select the protocols, communication technologies, protection methods and standards to be adopted, so that information moves efficiently, safely and reliably;
• Integration of current data into a unified vision (Situational Awareness):
– Data with a single format;
– Data traffic in a standardized and organized way;
– Specify the network, hardware, and software features required for Integration.


• Install the network infrastructure, hardware and software;
• Configuration and parameterization of the all environment;
• Coding of converters, specific interfaces, and processing of raw data;
• Integrity and performance testing.

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