ArkheMission&Combat: Total control for tactical missions in air and sea

ArkheMission&Combat is Atech’s set of products in the area of embedded solutions, supporting the implementation of different tactical missions in the air and at sea, through a complete integration with systems and sensors of aircraft and ships.

ArkheMission&Combat solutions offer a complete set of features that enable the operator to conduct missions considering all of their steps: Planning, Execution and Debriefing. It is a solution capable of generating broad situational awareness of the tactical scenario, allowing efficient and effective decision making.

Get to know the set of ArkheMission&Combat solutions

ArkheMission Management System – MMS

Integrated with several types of sensors and embedded systems, Arkhe MMS, in addition to providing effective mission management, also presents tactical situational awareness embedded on aircraft and ships. To do this, it collects data and controls all internal and external information flow through tactical data link. Due to its great integration power, sending detected target data and other essential information to the Operations Center, Arkhe MMS is considered to be the vital center of embedded tactical command.

ArkheMissionSupport System – MSS

Developed to be used on a fixed or mobile platform, Arkhe MSS is able to plan missions, prepare briefing and debriefing with real mission data replication and perform its analysis against initial planning. Arkhe MSS also includes features for route construction and graphical visualization in 2D and 3D, with different layers of information.

ArkheCombat Training & Simulation

ArkheCombat Training & Simulation is responsible for training and simulation in land, with hardware and software dedicated to the execution of tactical scenarios and simulated exercises. This solution integrates seamlessly with Arkhe MMS and Arkhe MSS, adding the management and support capabilities of these solutions. By simulating sensors and embedded systems, it is a complete platform for training operators and preparing missions.


ArkheMission&Combat Features Summary

  • Search and Rescue
  • Surveillance and Recognition
  • Control and Early Air Warning
  • Maritime Patrol
  • Antisubmarine
  • Command and Control