Digital Security

Integration of systems, technologies and information decentralization increases vulnerabilities and leaves your business increasingly exposed to serious data breaches. How do IT teams handle an ever-increasing volume of systems and information? How to list the priorities?

Research shows that at least 44% of violations occur from known and uncorrected vulnerabilities. In Brazil, the number of violations based on uncorrected vulnerabilities and also on internal user behavior is alarming.

Invasions and cyber attacks are considered one of the biggest threats to an organization and are estimated to cause a loss of more than $ 2 trillion worldwide by 2019, four times greater than in 2015.

Your security can even begin with tools, but it will only really be effective when your company is able to anticipate attacks by combining robust infrastructure and conscious users.

To be ahead in security, you need to think like a hacker. Atech acts as a highly specialized business partner, taking its current digital security strategy to the next level. We help you get more efficiency through services that offer cybercriminals insight.

Learn about Atech Digital Security solutions:

Password Break

A single weak password can be the perfect way for emails, databases and financial information.

Do you guarantee the strength of the passwords used in your company? Atech can help you answer this question with the Password Crack service, which aims to give a realistic view of the strength of your passwords from a hacker’s point of view. See how:

– Identify patterns of passwords and behaviors that put your business at risk;

– Get a complete report of the strength of your passwords and a plan of recommendations to correct failures;

– Develop corporate policies that improve digital security and accompany organizational culture.

The best way to realistically measure the strength of an organization’s user passwords is to perform the attack on those passwords in a secure, controlled environment using the same techniques, assumptions, tools, and information that the attackers make use of.

It is possible for the client to anticipate possible attacks that may occur in the passwords of their users, taking time to put into action countermeasures that reduce or even prevent the exposure of its information.

Intrusion Testing

Vulnerabilities in systems and applications are the path to violation more exploited by criminals.

Atech Intrusion Testing services enable you to be at the forefront of threats by helping to identify, from the criminal’s perspective, the security vulnerabilities of any set of IT assets, including technology and user processes. Know how:

– Identify the vulnerability level of your IT infrastructure, especially your most valuable assets;

– Map risks and ensure more efficient to the security management and the investment sizing;

– Avoid the impact of attacks to ensure business continuity, and protect the image of your company.

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