ArkheCommand&Control: Integrated Planning, Surveillance and Action

Atech has a consolidated presence in the development of command and control systems, with a focus on integrating all available information over monitored environment. This characteristic makes our products strong tools in consolidating situational awareness, allowing the command to make more assertive and functional decisions.

In this context the Atech offers ArkheCommand&Control, a set of solutions for planning, surveillance and monitoring in the execution of different missions.

Acting in an integrated way, ArkheCommand&Control solutions allow different sources of information, such as sensors and legacy systems, to compose a single control scenario, shared among all elements of the operation.

With a flexible and scalable architecture, ArkheCommand&Control enables customers to evolve their physical and logical infrastructure according to their needs, reusing each previous deployment step.

Get to know the set of ArkheCommand&Control solutions


Focused on command and control at the operational and tactical levels, this solution creates the necessary structure for planning, executing, monitoring and assessment Air, Land and Naval Surveillance and Defense activities, maintaining direct relationship with subordinate command centers, sensors and vectors including troops, aircraft, combat vehicles, among others. Its communication module guarantees the data exchange of different types, formats and protocols between the elements of the system, through SATCOM, microwave, V/UHF and VCS radios. In addition to implementing levels of access to information, this solution can generate the operational scenario of the mission incrementally, as its information network increases.

ArkheBattlefield Management System – BMS

Arkhe BMS was developed to work in advanced tactical operations centers, supporting land surveillance, investigative, counterterrorism, target tracking activities and troop support and/or police forces. It has been optimized to operate in specific scenarios, being also used in mobile terrestrial platforms, being able to connect to other mobile or fixed centers, allowing the coverage of shadow areas of long range sensors, the sharing of the tactical situation and the control and support the means of actuation more closely.

ArkheOperations Management

ArkheOperations Management is a solution developed to support the planning and execution of operations and exercises of a land, naval or air force, managing plans, commands and reports over all command chain. It provides a set of functionalities capable of conducting all stages of situational assessment and decision making in an integrated environment, covering all control processes, from strategic level to tactical units.


ArkheGovernance is a complete data integration solution based on our Command and Control expertise focused on Governance. To meet the demands of governments in city management – SmartCities, Atech has developed ArkheGovernance, with the ability to track events in real time in Operations Centers or mobile units. It has a georeferenced environment, performing merger, correlation and data analysis, giving the manager a complete view of the relevant information of the city, such as mobility, education, health, safety, among others.

ArkheCommand Training & Simulation

Full training and simulation solution, capable of providing mission operators with a learning experience specific to its expertise areas. It enables the preparation, creation, execution, recording and playback of scenarios and operational exercises, integrated with the ArkheIntegratedSurveillance and Arkhe BMS operating platforms.


ArkheCommand&Control Features Summary

  • Management and monitoring of operational activities
  • Dynamic support for missions
  • Execution of simulated and real operations
  • Management of means, resources and personnel information
  • Mission planning
  • Secure management of system information

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