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Services and technologies to increase end-to-end operational efficiency

Faced with the ever-evolving technology, industries today need to go beyond system buying and apply the concept of digital to the core of the business to drive changes that truly impact the business in terms of productivity.

Atech’s answer to this challenge is the OKTO platform, a suite of solutions for operational excellence, smart connections, asset management and logistics that follows the #IndustryNXT concept, which combines industry 4.0 efficiency with innovative digitization processes to create a continuous development cycle that goes from production to final product delivery.

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Improving Your Best

Through highly customized experiences, products and services, tailored to the demands of each business according to its stage towards maximum efficiency and digital maturity, the OKTO platform promotes business transformation based on the use of technologies to streamline processes.

Through operational excellence services and consultancy, we optimize operations in the area of production, maintenance and logistics by implementing lean and agile methodologies.

Smart Connections software enables you to connect devices through MESH Network management software, the ideal connectivity solution for remote regions and businesses that require high reliability.

Asset Management and Logistics systems help improve the use of maintenance and logistics resources by integrating operational data throughout the chain, providing visibility and new possibilities for automation and increased reliability.

Monitor, control execution and governance your processes with the OKTO solutions platform

OKTO serves companies in many industries with one solution able to operate globally, managing its efficiently and reliably, reducing process cycles, providing traceability and adding value to operations.
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OKTO Products and Services


Consulting in the implementation of projects of agile and lean methodologies


Connectivity Solutions for Wireless Network Infrastructure and Asset Management


Systems for strategic asset management, monitoring and maintainance execution management


Logistic planning and execution, from clearance to processing in national territory

Get ready for the next generation of industry

Veja como a plataforma OKTO pode ajudar a levar sua indústria ao próximo nível em eficiência, produtividade e inteligência da #IndustryNXT


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