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Send flight plans for different air traffic control systems can be a source of errors and delays. In addition to the additional costs of failure in this activity, the treatment of these errors can often increase the demand for skilled labor in correcting these errors.

One of the best ways to address this challenge is to centralize the sending flight plan, allowing the incorporation of rules common to all air traffic agents. Thus, it is possible to guarantee more quality in the information sent to ATM systems, improving the validation of ANSP rules and reducing the time needed to send flight plans, as well as the need for dedicated personnel to correct errors.

To this end, Atech has developed Makron IFPS – LEO, a solution that centralizes the receipt and distribution of flight plans to all air traffic agents, associating them with messages in a systematic and syntactic way.

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The state of art of centralized flight plan processing

LEO can receive ATS messages from various interfaces, such as mobile applications, web pages or AMHS and AFTN systems. All messages are validated according to a spatial database to ensure compliance with any airspace change, identifying AFTN addresses based on flight plan routes.
The solution has a simple and robust mechanism for inserting different business rules, allowing the air navigation service provider (ANPS) of each country to easily customize the flight plan validation process. In addition, all flights in the pre-operational stage are periodically validated according to the airspace, ensuring that they are always in accordance with any reconfiguration inserted. Even the receipt and distribution of repetitive flight plans (RPLs) is easier with LEO, as the solution automates this delivery to air traffic agents, delivering them at the right time and with the most up-to-date information, according to with a single database.

Count on all the benefits of simple and secure management

IFPS-LEO is easily implemented in any air traffic management environment. As it was developed based on a web application, the Atech solution does not require complex configuration procedures and does not require desktop installation.

Check out the key benefits and start driving the management of your flight plans to the next level:

  • Count on a simple, visual web interface to track multiple flight plans
  • Receive and transmit ATS messages through AMHS, AFTN, web pages and by Makron eFPL – JANUS application (available for iOS and Android)
  • Receive RPL by importing text files and automate your distribution
  • Count on 4D viewing profiles for each flight plan

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