Arkhe Cyber

Protection of information for defense and government

Recent cyberspace cases have made digital security issues an important focus of attention by governments and forces. In this context, Atech presents itself with effective solutions to support information security. With a focus on what is now considered the fifth and final domain of war, Atech introduces Arkhe Cyber, a set of products designed for digital security management in defense, security and government area, whose aim is to ensure that organizations have their structures and systems preserved.

High Security

Maximum protection and high availability of systems

With comprehensive and customized solutions, they aim to preserve assets, reduce losses and add value to businesses, including preserving secure access through the WEB or other communication networks.

Arkhe Cyber materializes a robust set of solutions to provide security and high availability to systems and infrastructure, ensuring the integrity of digital assets.

Get to know the set of Arkhe Cyber solutions

Arkhe C2 Cyber

Arkhe C2 Cyber proposes to manage existing processes in the command and control cycle present in a cyber operation, involving planning and execution control procedures, allowing managers to decide what to do and how to do, as well as the verification of compliance or not of such actions. In this way, the proposal of Arkhe C2 Cyber is to offer the integrated management of a cyber operation of short, medium or long duration, following a cycle of operation and making use of a information flow to support the decision making process.

Arkhe Athena

Arkhe Athena is the integrated hardware and software solution developed to serve as an in-a-box solution to provide security and high availability to a system’s assets while minimizing cyber threats to information integrity. Protection of specific systems and infrastructures, such as C2 or communication systems, makes Arkhe Athena a strategic product for an integrated command center, enabling the secure management of information used within the chain of command.

Arkhe Cyber Security Operation Center – CSOC

With the increasing number, complexity, and nature of cyber attacks, and with the greatest volume of technology assets, maintaining the security level high requires a solution that goes far beyond protection. Arkhe CSOC is a systemic, complete, modular and adaptable solution. Focused on the detection, analysis, response and prevention of cyber incidents, Arkhe CSOC centralizes, automates and rationalizes the information security management efforts as well as establishes a level of robust control of the cyber environment on which the structure of information technology is immersed.


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