Arkhe Intelligence

Intelligence at the service of decision-making

Processing large volumes of information is a challenge for the defense sector, which needs to make assertive decisions with the utmost agility and accuracy to ensure the success of operations.

Arkhe Intelligence inherits all the experience acquired by Atech in intelligence and information processing projects, such as SIVAM (Amazon Surveillance System), presenting itself as a platform that can operate with different data sources, collecting, treating and providing information between different command units.


Information and Intelligence for better decisions

Arkhe Intelligence solutions allow you to specifically assess each type of information, providing the operator with functionalities to compose complex analyzes from each data source.

Through collection and analysis capabilities, Arkhe Intelligence collects, processes, analyzes and presents information, turning knowledge and intelligence.

Get to know the set of Arkhe Intelligence solutions

Arkhe Data Analysis

Using different data sources, storage and distributed processing, in addition to secure information sharing, Arkhe Data Analysis uses Big Data technology, allowing the user to build advanced available defense data analyzes. Working with other intelligence systems, Arkhe Data Analysis can generate reports and dashboards, guide future actions – based on predictive analytics – and integrate information from intelligence media such as IMINT, OSINT, SIGINT and HUMINT.


The Arkhe COMINT (Communication Intelligence) solution is based on the analysis of communications intercepted by signal intelligence equipment. It is capable of planning, storing, analyzing, interpreting and disseminating important information for the execution of a mission. Acting on the HF, VHF and UHF bands, Arkhe COMINT walks through different types of modulation (AM, FM, USB and LSB), and is able to locate signal emitters and exchange data collected with systems from other intelligence agencies.


Arkhe ELINT integrates different systems and sensors, associated to the process of analysis and collection of electronic signals to feed the signal database and the generation of electronic warfare countermeasures. Arkhe ELINT also supports the planning of electromagnetic spectrum monitoring missions, signal analysis processes and reports as well as the correlation of electronic and geographic parameters.


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