Thanks to its unique expertise in engineering, development, systems integration and situational awareness technologies, Atech offers, through the Arkhe product family, a full set of solutions aimed at deployment the concept of smart cities through governance and integrated real-time management of cities.

ArkheGovernance integrates local and remote databases, mobile devices and sensors, as well as secure communication of information for real-time monitoring of events, occurrences and alerts, tracking and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

The Atech solution unbureaucratizes processes, broadens the database, and empowers governors with accurate information for city or state management. This is because the Atech solution allows the integration of different secretariats and public agencies of a locality, in addition to collaboration through mechanisms of secure and real-time communication.

To facilitate decision making, the system focuses on a single map all the information of interest, ensuring a broad and accurate view of the situation. By integrating legacy systems, ArkheGovernance solutions contribute to the preservation of investments by leveraging information generated by existing systems, integrating local, remote, and cloud databases.