With unique expertise in engineering, development, systems integration and situational awareness technologies, Atech has a history of deliveries and a robust portfolio of development, production, integration and evolution of solutions for the Defense and Security areas, with emphasis for important projects delivered in the country and already exported to other continents.

Building on the Arkhe family of products, Atech solutions are vital systems for many countries, contributing to mission planning, surveillance and decision making, including training.

With specialized products in the area of embedded solutions, management processing and decision making using large volumes of data, in the expanding situational awareness and creating programs of excellence for the training and qualification of professionals, the Arkhe product family effectively serves different tactical missions in the air, on land and at sea.

Arkhe solutions are developed with robust technologies and fully integrate sensors, embedded systems and control centers. Atech still operates over all lifecycle of these solutions, from conception to evolution after years of use deployment, even absorbing the existing legacy of our customers.