Air Traffic Management

Recognized in the ATM market, Atech brings together total business knowledge and skills built up over years of experience to provide a full set of solutions for managing and controlling airspace, from takeoff to landing, safely, efficiently and optimally.

With unique expertise in engineering, development, systems integration and situational awareness technologies, Atech understands and meets the needs of air navigation service providers (ANSPs), military aviation and air defense, airport operators and airlines through Makron, a suite of solutions that configure a robust, secure and consistent air traffic management system.

Built in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules, Makron brings a full offering of solutions and services, including the entire cycle of deployment, integration and support. It is a portfolio of modular and customizable solutions that allow you to control and optimize flights while offering maximum security and resource efficiency.

Atech also provides support services, from training programs in the deployed systems, in local installations or in Atech’s laboratories, such as Lab.TechSimulation in Brazil, as well as local or remote options for status monitoring and maintenance activities, providing better autonomy in terms of operational availability, configuration control, easy customization and product evolution through a technology transfer partnership with ANSP or local organizations indicated.