Atech is an Embraer Group company specializing in the development solutions for mission-critical and technologies to support decision making.

Recognized as a Brazilian “System House”, Atech has always been guided by innovation in order to help transform the country, having developed a unique profile thanks to its strong presence in strategic Security and Defense projects in Brazil, working in the development of innovative solutions with applications in the areas of air traffic, command and control systems, instrumentation and control systems, embedded systems and simulators, through the Makron set of solutions; and in the areas of defense, government and public safety, with Arkhe solutions.

Since 2017, Atech has also used its unique expertise in systems engineering and situational awareness technologies and decision making support to expand its business into the corporate market by creating a portfolio of solutions divided into four areas: asset and logistic management, through the OKTO platform, digital security and smart connections.


Atech has developed and updated the entire Brazilian airspace management system, with more than 50 centers implemented, integrating 150 sensors to mission critical systems, covering 22 million km² and 3 million flights/year. Atech is also responsible for the development and deployment of the Brazilian Air Defense System, C3I systems (Terrestrial and Air Surveillance), P3-AM Aircraft Mission and Combat systems, Brazilian Air Force mission planning and debriefing systems and other projects of great importance in the areas of acoustic signal processing.

Our experience includes the development of multifunctional Combat consoles of the Brazilian Navy’s combat helicopters and the Labgene program – part of the Brazilian Navy’s Nuclear Program to build and test the Nuclear Reactor Protection and Control System. With active participation in projects of technological absorption and emphasis on innovation, Atech unceasingly seeks the application of cutting-edge knowledge in its systems and the development of value-added solutions. In the corporate market, we are a provider of solutions in logistics, asset management, cyber security, smart connections and digital services to companies of different sizes and segments, always focusing on efficiency and security of decision making. Helping companies to promote the digital transformation of their business, we seek a long-term relationship based on the success of their business.


Atech has as a basis for its activities and processes the best practices of a culture for excellence. It uses as a premise the lean methodology, which establishes the use of nothing more than the resources necessary to carry out a work, step or process, avoiding waste. With several work tools focused on efficiency and prioritizing the integration of employees, we seek to bring value to our flow of activities, making management more versatile and dynamic.

Our Quality Policy: pursuing corporate excellence, focusing on customer satisfaction and business sustainability.

Certified by NBR ISO 9001 and AS 9100, we understand that simplified processes and attentive to the generation of value for the stakeholders are the great foundations of our operation.


Provide and operate critical solutions and systems based on technology and knowledge to make decision making more effective and simple, contributing to the operational excellence, safety and sustainability of our customers.


Be recognized as a provider of specialized solutions and systems, with a view to making society safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

São Paulo

Rocio Street, 313 – 4th floor
Vila Olímpia

São José dos Campos

Presidente Dutra Highway, KM 138
Block 3, Room 302

Rio de Janeiro

Nilo Peçanha Av., 50 – Downtown
Room 2508, De Paoli Building


SHS – Qd.6 – S/N° – Cj, A
BI C – Ed. Brasil 21

Gavião Peixoto – SP

Euclides Martins Municipal Road, 2170

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