A powerful cloud suite based on ATM solutions

As part of the Makron family, Atech brings you SKYFLOW Cloud, a state of the art cloud-based ATM Suite powered by an IPFS system (LEO), an Airspace Management system (ARGO) and a Flow Management system (SKYFLOW), which may also be offered as a service.

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The power of cloud

Besides offering the full package of functionalities related to flow management for ANSP, a set of mobile applications is available for taking advantage of SKYFLOW Cloud services, such as:

  • JANUS (eFPL): an “app” for flight plan submission and flight plan management. Once connected to LEO (IFPS), all flight plans submitted by JANUS (eFPL) are processed semantically and syntatically along with SKYFLOW, resulting in flight approval, rejection or request for changes.
  • JANUS (EFB): an “app” that constitutes the “Eletronic Flight Bag”, concentrating all relevant information (NOTAM, METAR etc.) for pilots and/or airlines to plan their flights.
  • JANUS (Mobile ATFM): all information regarding demand “versus” capacity provided by SKYFLOW Cloud can be accessed through mobile device. Suitable for all stakeholders involved in the collaborative decision making process for flow management measures, the technolody provides access to all relevant information hosted by SKYFLOW Cloud – and, based on the same situational awareness, takes the best possible decision regarding flow management.

The best solution when it comes to flow management

Along with these mobile “apps”, the web-based Flow Management Cell system can access all services provided by SKYFLOW cloud, as well as our ATC system SAGITARIO. In addition, existing systems may take advantage of our SKYFLOW Cloud solution, based on standard interfaces.

All mobile “apps” are available in Android and IoS versions.

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