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Integrating flight information services into remote aerodromes

​Resource optimization is a constant goal of air traffic control agencies, where the workforce is one of the most important assets to ensure the safety and efficiency of displacements. Given this scenario, the administration of small aerodromes ends up being a challenge, because it requires the presence of readiness operators, even when there is no demand.

In order to optimize the use of specialized operational personnel in these locations, service providers need to have technologies that allow information from these locations to be integrated to provide better situational awareness of air movement, enabling remote and simultaneous delivery of services to various aerodromes. For this, Atech created Makron – AFIS COSMOS.

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Integrate aerodrome information

COSMOS provides resources for aerodrome operators to have a better situational awareness of air movement and to provide flight information services to the community in a safe and optimized way.


One of the main advantages of the solution is its ability to provide services remotely – that is, the service provider does not need to be at the aerodrome, characterizing R-AFIS (Remote – Aerodrome Flight Information).

The Atech solution centralizes meteorological information, flight plans and airspace surveillance, adding a number of operational benefits in providing flight and logistics information, especially in smaller locations, as it allows air situation information to be delivered simultaneously for various aerodromes. By having a georeferenced interface, the operator has easy access to the maps, with landing and take-off procedures and data in the vicinity of each aerodrome.

Optimize the use of your most valuable assets

With the COSMOS system, Atech is able to connect to an aeronautical communications network to receive flight data, meteorological information, as well as information from radar and other surveillance sensors to simulate trajectories, increasing situational awareness and operational capability of each aerodrome.

Main features:

  • Integrates information from traffic control radars
  • Enables traffic simulations based on the flight plan and the planned landing and take-off procedures
  • Automatically correlates flight plans with detected aircraft
  • Filters multiple layers for information visualization optimization
  • Provides flight information services to multiple aerodromes, simultaneously and remotely

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