Meteorological information for a safe flight plan

The meteorological information is decisive for the safety of the displacements in the airspace, impacting in the creation of routes shorter, economic and comfortable for the users.

For pilots, for example, this information is important in determining flight conditions, while control centers need meteorology to define airspace capacity and plan safer routes.

Through Makron OPMET – AURA, Atech provides a repository of meteorological information in which airports, in-flight aircraft and other agents can report and query meteorological conditions in a given area, helping to optimize routes and ensure greater safety and predictability on displacements.

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Updated information for safe and efficient flight plans

AURA allows the sharing of meteorological information with simplicity and security in digital format, XML, according to the new SWIM (System Wide Information Management) model, in accordance with the ICAO IWXXM protocol, expected to operate worldwide from 2020.

As OPMET-AURA is built on an architecture based on an integrated platform, which includes a high-availability hardware infrastructure and a dedicated software application, air navigation service providers (ANSPs) equipped with this Atech solution access to high-quality and highly available meteorological information.

The solution also includes a range of advanced features and reports that can be accessed remotely through web services.

Simple and secure sharing of meteorological information

OPMET – AURA is the ideal solution to ensure safer flight plans with quick access to meteorological information for all involved in the air operations, promoting more efficient, comfortable and safe displacements.

Know the main benefits:

  • Single meteorological data base for all involved, with up-to-date information
  • Remote access via web services offers more practicality in the availability of meteorological information
  • Data sharing in XML digital format, meeting the requirements of the SWIN model through the new ICAO IWXXM protocol

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