Optimize flight planning by sharing information globally

Diverse aspects, such as weather conditions, can change what had been estimated for a flight plan. Therefore, making tactical decisions that minimize the maximum impact on planning depends on access to detailed, accurate, and reliable information at the right time, and only a tool capable of exchanging information across borders can support this process.

Thus, in response to a request from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and in accordance with Eurocontrol’s international standards, Atech created Makron SWIM – AQUILA, an Airspace Current Information Sharing Platform (PCICEA)

gate to gate

Share information with navigation services from around the world

In addition to the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) definitions and protocols in relation to the interoperability of air traffic control systems in the world, AQUILA stands out by allowing real-time exchange of flight plan data, aeronautical and meteorological information between countries, according to the most modern international standards.
Currently, there are almost 25 thousand flights between Brazil and Europe, according to ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) Air Transport Yearbook. In deployment at Brazil, the AQUILA tool facilitates decision-making by air traffic management agencies, minimizing any negative impacts on flight performance and planning by providing, in advance, navigation data of all displacements between our country and the European continent.

Centralized management and gate-to-gate data sharing

Often, the time for decision making regarding the navigation and landing of an aircraft that has arrived outside of the estimated time in its flight plan becomes reduced. SWIM’s capabilities ensure centralized, real-time management, giving control agencies the data they need to tactically decide which actions to take, providing more safety for flights and reducing impacts to the user.

  • Shares data with other countries in real time on the SWIM model
  • Plan actions based on flight information before entering the airspace of that control region
  • Prevents impacts on the airspace for each new aircraft coming from another country
  • Make better use of airspace infrastructure capacity according to demand

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