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Simplicity and consistency in the validation of flight plans

If flight plans were previously completed manually in forms, or by phone, today all of this is done via the Internet, ensuring agility in sharing information and providing real-time data to all those involved in air control.
With the rise of mobile devices, however, the trend is for these solutions to become simpler and safer, reducing the time it takes for pilots and airlines to get answers, while ensuring compliance with current rules.

The need to innovate and improve air traffic management solutions has led Atech to create Makron eFPL – JANUS, a mobile application that allows you send flight plans in a practical and safe way.

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The right way to start your flight plan

In use in Brazil since the early months of 2017, JANUS is an application compatible with iOS and Android that allows airlines and operators of aeronautical services information to send flight plans with simplicity, agility, consistency and security.

As a result, air traffic management agencies avoid errors and incompatibilities of information that could impact flights at any time from takeoff to landing, significantly reducing the need for corrective intervention by flight plan operators.

JANUS deals with the qualified sending of flight plans and their integrated validation, through the cross-checking of data from various bodies involved in air traffic management. In Brazil, all flight information is processed by SIGMA (Integrated Aerial Movements Management System), also developed by Atech and implemented in the CGNA (Air Navigation Management Center) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

Move flight plan management to a new level

JANUS significantly reduces manual interventions for correcting, validating and sending flight plan messages. Thanks to its complete integration with Atech’s other Makron products, the application allows you to increase the centralized treatment of flight plans to a level never before seen, with better attendance and control of commercial and military flight demands.

  • Replace your old phone and fax based model
  • Give more agility and quality to the operations of pilots and operators of aeronautical services
  • Integrate the JANUS application into your ANSP’s legacy aeronautical information systems through a dedicated interface

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