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Valuable resources for training in local or remote mode

Simulating complex and realistic scenarios is one of the major challenges faced during air traffic controller training. With traditional solutions, it is common to be restricted to a limited set of simplistic situations without an adequate level of realism or complexity, and the lack of accurate information on the performance of each controller during exercise also makes it difficult to identify issues that can affect safety or the efficiency of operations.

On this basis, Atech has developed Makron ATC Simulation – PLATAO, a simulator designed to train, qualify and recycle knowledge and skills of air traffic controllers capable of creating exercises with complex scenarios, including more than one control center simultaneously.

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Create complex and realistic scenarios

Currently being deployed at ICEA (FAB’s Air Space Control Institute), one of the biggest innovations of the PLATAO is the possibility to operate in local or remote mode, giving greater flexibility to the training of air traffic controllers and simplifying the application of exercises by bodies responsible for air traffic management.

Among the exercises that controllers can perform in local or remote mode are those that involve scenarios with data link communication between controller and pilot and the tracking of aircraft with new technologies.

In order to meet the needs of the control agencies, PLATAO provides valuable resources to assess faulty human behaviors, as well as allowing studies or analysis of airspace validation.

The most complete platform for training controllers

The PLATAO Simulator was developed with a pioneering architecture of data distribution services, which converge to exceed performance, security, portability and scalability requirements.

The scenarios created in the PLATAO simulator allow the emulation of several types of sensors found in the operational environments (radars, ADS-B, WAM, ADS-C), including also error simulation capability in these sensors, to introduce realism or degradation or unexpected situations in these scenarios.

  • Training and assessment of students for activities of coordination, vectorization, separation, operations and approach and departure procedures, among other resources
  • Capability to simulate AFTN messages (ATS messages, meteorology, etc.) and cockpit simulation for training in CPDLC and DLC procedures
  • Structure centralized simulations in a single locality in local mode
  • Connects through the network infrastructure to perform remotely programmed exercises
  • Recording of all student actions (audio and video) and playback facilities for debriefings execution, statistics and training performance assessment

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