Expanding the Limits of Flow Management

Balancing demand and capacity is one of the great challenges of air traffic control agencies, which end up facing a series of impacts arising from the fluctuation of this balance, with security risks and the delays that affect daily operations and users.

To achieve this, an AFTM (Air TrafficFlow Management) solution should provide maximum visibility to address the conflicting needs of air traffic management and minimize traffic flow restrictions resulting from potential capacity bottlenecks at aerodromes or in airspace.

Makron AFTM – Skyflow, developed on the basis of SIGMA (Integrated Air Movement Management System), produced by Atech with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) gives the control agencies the resources needed to balance flight demand with operational capacity, ensuring security, flight time optimization and timeliness through the integration of aerial campaign data, airports and control agencies.

gate to gate

Simplicity for balancing the air traffic management

In operation at the CGNA (Air Navigation Management Center) in Rio de Janeiro, Skyflow gathers data such as traffic flow, meteorology and infrastructure, allowing to plan the necessary actions in the strategic, pre-tactical and tactical phases.

Figures released by OfficialAirlineGuide British consultancy, specialized in aviation market intelligence, show the efficiency of continuous use of SIGMA by the CGNA: two Brazilian airports (Congonhas and Guarulhos) were ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively in 2015 among the 10 airports “Mega-hub” with the least number of delays in the world.

Developed with the purpose of the air movement flow managing in an integrated way to act strategically and tactically in the area of regular flight planning and during daily operation, Skyflow is a web application that does not require desktop installation procedures at the same time enabling turnkey provisioning or being provided as a cloud service, reducing deployment time and maintenance and operating costs.

The evolution of operations at airports and airspace

Makron AFTM – Skyflow brings together all traffic information, flight plans, surveillance data and weather information to accurately forecast demand and capacity and provide reliable decision support tools for possible imbalances, ensuring the intelligence required for each phase of air traffic management.

Airspace management

  • Integration of flight plans and operational capacity management
  • Security control management (security)
  • Functional modularization with advanced features of situational display, demand prediction, route library, time separation, traffic monitoring for collaborative decision (CDM) and demand prediction
  • Providing a complete set of flow management measures at all phases (Ground stop program,
    System-to-system data integration, including weather information
  • Route prediction with wind information based on GRIB files to optimize the calculation of estimate arrival times

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