Maximum connectivity and visualization in air traffic control

​Air traffic control requires more than information on aircraft flow and route. To ensure flight safety and efficiency from takeoff to landing, accurate information from multiple sources is needed to gain a comprehensive awareness of the situation and an effective set of decision support alternatives.

Developed by Atech, the Makron ATC – SAGITARIO is part of the Makron product family, a complete set of air traffic management solutions that integrate decades of experience in this market.

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Know the evolution of air traffic control

Developed in partnership with DECEA (Air Space Control Department), an agency of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), with the participation of the own controllers, SAGITARIO promotes technological advances in communication, navigation and surveillance.

Atech is well aware of the challenges of air traffic management and for years has been responsible to the DECEA, for the development and modernization of air traffic control and defense in Brazil.

Developed and tested according to the standardization level established by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), SAGITARIO offers an integrated set of operational visualization and decision support tools that provide a comprehensive and accurate awareness for flight controllers.

In addition to having been deployed in dozens of Control Centers in Brazil and abroad, SAGITARIO was essential in improving airspace control and the safety of operations in the country during major events such as the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Sky under control with maximum safety

Makron ATC – SAGITARIO integrates sensor information and data to provide broad situational awareness to controllers while maintaining the simplicity necessary for controller focus to be always supported by the best decision-making tools in accordance with best human factor practices and global operating standards

  • It integrates information and data from different types of sensors, including multi-vendor radars, ADS-B and Multilateration.
  • Generates effective decision support alternatives and alerts based on EUROCONTROL recommended Safety Net features including STCA, MSAW, CLAM, RAM, APW and APM.
  • It adopts internationally standardized protocols, such as AIDC, OLDI, for integration and electronic coordination gate-to-gate with other ATS units (TWR, APP, ACC, ATFM), including with military operations centers.

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