Efficient switching of aeronautical messages around the world

Aeronautical information is critical to flight safety and must be reliably distributed to avoid risks, especially in cases where data integrity can not be compromised. For this reason, Atech has gathered decades of experience to create Makron AMHS – CYGNUS, a high availability cluster solution, responsible for receiving, processing, storing and exchanging aeronautical messages.

Together with other Makron solutions, CYGNUS integrates an essential part of meeting the growing demand of the aeronautical community, offering aeronautical messaging services to users connected 24 hours a day in both civil and military aviation.

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Unified, consistent and reliable communication

CYGNUS ensures dependable and reliable aeronautical communication. In Brazil, the system already addresses the growing demand for increased flight movements in DECEA-controlled airspace with a modernized platform in terms of hardware infrastructure, operating systems and application software.

The deployment of CYGNUS in Brazil also included the development of a new user terminal, with a friendly and intuitive interface, facilitating the composition of messages for various operators at all times.

With the Atech system, you make your communication highly available, with an effective capacity to process 750,000 messages a day, with peaks of up to 65,000 messages per hour, in full support of the air transport operation.

The future of aeronautical information management begins here

CYGNUS ensures the sharing of information based on a single system, giving the aeronautical community access to consolidated and secure information to conduct daily operations efficiently, involving multiple air transport agents.

Learn about the main benefits of CYGNUS:

  • Connects users to a 24×7 aeronautical messaging treatment cluster
  • Integrates workstations, network assets, and other resources into one location
  • Send, receive, process and store aeronautical messages in quick and efficient way
  • Communicates with Air Traffic Control Centers, Towers, Air Operations Control Military Centers, SAR organizations and weather surveillance systems, among other agents

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