Atech – From Brazil with innovation

Atech – From Brazil with innovation

Can you give us a brief background of the company?
Delfim Ossamu Miyamaru: Atech is the Brazilian leader in solutions for complex mission-critical systems. We are a solutions provider for air traffic management, defence and security, with proven experience in designing, specifying, developing, integrating and delivering solutions to complex technological systems in various application areas.

Atech brings the unique experience of leading some of the biggest and most important systems projects in Brazil, such as SIVAM/SIPAM (Amazon surveillance and protection system). The firm also worked in other government and armed forces’ high-relevance projects and was awarded as a Brazilian Defense Strategic Company.

We have implemented – from concept to operation – more than 50 command and control centres, customised to different kinds of operation, such as ATM/ATC, military operations and energy utilities management. Since 2013, Atech has been a subsidiary of Embraer Defense & Security.

You have in-depth experience of ATM. When and how did the company begin working with those systems?

Based on a strategic vision of the Government of Brazil to address the issue of technological ‘black boxes’ commonly marketed in the past, Atech emerged in 1997 as a private non-profit foundation. The foundation soon evolved into a corporate group capable of generating know-how in critical technologies, continually applied in large-scale projects.

Critical technologies – those required to accomplish a certain target, programme or control – are frequently associated with the area of defence and airspace control. Since its start-up, the company has been working in a strong partnership with the Brazilian Air Force to provide the country’s ATMs systems that combine high reliability and world-class technological solutions. That approach has given Brazil a greater technological autonomy and domain.

As the main contractor for research, design, development, supply, evolution and integration of ATM systems in Brazil, Atech is responsible for the development and modernisation of Brazil’s entire air control and defence system, with the implementation of SAGITARIO (advanced operationally relevant air traffic data management and reporting system), a programme to modernise all automated control centres.

Atech also developed Skyflow, an air traffic flow-management system, which integrates data from airlines, airports and control agencies, among others, with weather information in a unified database. Skyflow is currently in operation at Brazil’s CGNA (Center for Air Navigation Management).

Recently, we were proud to be awarded by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) a contract to implement the SkyFlow ATFM system in India. The contract is valued at $18.5 million and has a 30-month duration, beginning in July 2014. To deliver this project, Atech will work with its long-time partner DFS, Germany’s air navigation service provider, and Three D Integrated Solutions, an Indian systems engineering firm.

Our Brazilian ATM systems handle more than three million flights a year and cover 22 million square kilometres, involving areas of high traffic density.

These systems, supporting the vision and operational concept of the control system of Brazilian airspace, put the national air navigation services at an outstanding overall performance level, according to the latest USOAP audit accomplished by ICAO.

How does Skyflow work and what are the benefits for the ATM’s service providers?

Skyflow’s goal is to manage air traffic information, the flight plans, and the best use of airways and airports resources, and provide a better air traffic distribution.

With a high level of integration, involving data from airlines, airports and control agencies, among others, with weather information, the system allows the air traffic control agents to balance the capacity and airlines’ demand, ensuring the operations’ safety and the regularity and punctuality of flights.

What are the other areas of expertise of Atech in the airport operations environment?

With our broad experience and expertise in critical systems, we provide customised solutions, with a high level of integration, regarding decision-making, and resource and assets management.

We have been observing some key trends in the airport operations’ environment, especially regarding the new digital technologies, and believe that a new paradigm of operational concepts is emerging.

This new paradigm is essentially information-based, net-centric, with a high level of innovation in the management practices and a strong focus on performance.

To keep up with this paradigm, Atech is investing in innovative systems such as A-CDM (airport collaborative decision making) and SWIM (system wide information management) to complement our portfolio and enhance our capacity to deliver game-changing solutions to our customers.

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